DMT Puff Bar Delicious Vape Pen – 0.5g 7Pens


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The easiest way to DMT! No powders, no dab rig, no torch – you don’t even need a battery!
Very sleek and descreet design. Even the smoke/vape look & smell is indistinguishable from any legal vape.
These DMT pens are made with the highest quality Freebase DMT. It’s white, sparkly and beautiful like real DMT should be. The orange/brown crap that tastes like shit is dirty and unwashed. Buy DMT Vape Pen Online

Ours is clean and you can see it in your blast off journey – it costs us a lot more to make it like this, but we think it’s worth it. This is the stuff we personally use.

DMT Puff Vape Pen For Sale

We use a proprietary flavor blend that makes our carts the smoothest and most tasty we’ve ever experienced. They are truly delicious and that’s not easily achieved with DMT. Say goodbye to that burning plastic flavor forever. Really guys, we’ve perfected this thing and it’s worth telling your friends. Buy DMT Vape Pen Online

Order DMT Puff Vape Pen 0.5gram Online

This amazing liquid DMT is then placed into the best disposable vape pens available – ready to puff with no button and they are rechargeable just in case.

Each pen is filled with 0.5g

1 Puff hold for 10+ seconds = Heavy buzz
2-3 Puffs, hold for 10+ seconds each = Entry to Heaven/Blast off
3-4 Puffs, hold for 10+ seconds each = Close your eyes, hang onto your seat & blast Off


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