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Normally the solution for DMT cartidges is thickened with Vegetable Glycerin. I do not do that. I thicken our solution with extra DMT. Thats why these actually work. However in the winter, or cold environments, the solution inside the cart will thicken into a jelly. THIS IS OK! If your cartridge is runny and has a thin solution, you have very little DMT in it.

So warm the glass of the cartridge with a lighter evenly until the solution is thin and runny. Then use it. WARM IT FIRST! Thats it. Dont be a noob and leave me bad reviews because your unaware of how to use it.

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Our DMT (N,N-Dimethyltryptamine) is made from Mimosa Hostilis Jerema, and is processed WITHOUT the last wash, which leaves the Type 1 and Type 1a Alkaloids. This allows the smallest measurable amount of plant material to remain in the crystals. You will notice this provides a more grounded and warm feeling to the transition to the spirit realm. This also creates a sandier yellow color. Buy DMT Vape Cartridges

All Cartridges are made with .5 g DMT


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