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Thrasher magic mushrooms are for those who won’t accept anything less than the most powerful. In a word, these magic mushrooms will leave you thrashed.

Featuring an intense potency, Thrasher magic mushrooms are the real deal. In fact, they’re so strong that we warn beginners to stay away from this beast of a strain.

However, if you’re looking for the ride of your life, then Thrasher is the strain for you

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Thrasher psilocybin mushrooms are a strain fresh off the press. In fact, they are so new that there is not much history to speak of.

These days, new strains are popping up everywhere. However, most of the latest themes are mediocre in effects and appearance.

From time to time, tension emerges from the void that leaves everyone speechless. One of these phenomenal newcomers was Thrasher.

In The Rapidly Evolving World of Thrasher Magic

We know that Thrasher mushrooms originated from a professional magic mushroom mycologist. While experimenting with the Melmac PE variety, this grower produced a variant with all the good qualities.

This is how the Thrasher variety was born. We were recently capable of getting our hands on this incredible strain.

The Appearance of Thrasher Magic Mushrooms

One look at Thrasher can be enough to make you fall in love. These feature a phallic profile, likely stemming from their Penis Envy ancestry.

These mushrooms stand out from others with thick, dense, and surprisingly wide stems. Each stem is colorless and appears as white as a leaf to the cap.

But Thrasher tops have slight color, too. They look worn and may even have a gray spot on top.

One bit of color that you may see in your Thrasher magic mushrooms is a bluish-green tint. These colored spots can be problematic at first glance.

However, this bluing is a natural process called bruising. Like a banana, magic mushrooms can bruise and turn blue (instead of black).

Fortunately, this bluing does not affect the safety or potency of the psilocybe Mexicana you order from us online.

Mazatapec Mushrooms Dosage

With Thrasher, you will have to go your body at the door. Once you show up, you’re in for a rough ride of intense, eyes-closed imagery and deep emotional introspection.

As you fall deeper down the rabbit hole, you will likely feel oneness with the universe. Ego dissolving is incredibly easy with this strain.

Taking Thrasher Magic Mushrooms Recreationally

Thrasher is a strain that is not our first choice for a recreational experience. Many themes can amplify and enhance the experience of being outdoors.

Thrasher’s intensity doesn’t leave you with much energy to be out and about. As long as you are in one place, you can have a great recreational experience.

That means you must stay at camp, on the beach’s edge, or on your couch. The intense introspection and intense imagery will make it difficult to move much.


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