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the ‘A’ stands for the subtropical Albino strain of the psilocybin cubensis and the ‘+’ for an enhanced mutation.

It is a medium-large shroom where the cap and stem are completely white and show a strong blue colour when bruised.


Since this strain really focuses on providing visuals and making you become more reflective and philosophical, instead of boosting creativity, it’s perfect to make you feel at peace with things that may bother you.


If you are looking for amazing visuals and becoming the next Socrates, look no further!

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My mom always said, ‘if you bring home an A+ MAGIC MUSHROOM (  Albino mushroom) , I’ll treat you to your favorite meal. But seriously, these A+ MAGIC MUSHROOM deserve the accolades and the name that goes with them.

It’s pretty straightforward: (Buy A+ mushrooms online) ‘A’ stands for the subtropical albino strain of Thrasher mushroom strain, and ‘+’ for an improved mutation. It is a medium-large mushroom where the cap and stem are white and show a solid blue color when bruised.

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Since this strain focuses on providing imagery and making you more thoughtful and philosophical rather than boosting creativity, it’s perfect for making you feel at peace with things that might be upsetting you.

If you are looking for outstanding images and to become the next Socrates, then look no further!

Our dosage recommendations are 1g for beginners (increase gradually to increase effect), 2-3g is considered a reasonable range for the average user (depending on size and weight), and 3g+ for experienced users.

As always, be careful when mixing these mushrooms with other psychoactive substances! Enjoy, and if you’d like, comment on these new babies!

Please get in contact with us if you feel you are suffering from sadness or other mental health issues. We are all one family, and mental health is not something you have to deal with alone. At Shroombros, we always have an open ear for you! 

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Albino a mushrooms Potency, Travel Effects, and Dosage. Albino A+ [i], or A+, sometimes called, is a cultivated strain of the well-known psychoactive mushroom species albino cubensis potency. It is usually cream to white in color, sometimes with a bluish tinge; when damaged, it obviously bruises blue.

White Albino Mushrooms Effects

White albino mushrooms effectss Some other notable effects of Avery’s Albino Mushroom are; increased visual stimulation and deep and original thoughts, a general sense of well-being and excellence. Ideal for experienced users due to its rapid onset and intense effects.


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