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The lab tests revealed that these pills contain 200mg of MDMA. The MDMA used in these pills is tested at 88% purity. No other substances or adulterants were found.MDMA, also known as molly, was first created by the German firm Merck and later rediscovered by Alexander Shulgin.

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MDMA gained popularity in the 80s as a party drug. MDMA increases the activity of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotine. Which in combinations gives you the so called ‘love-effect’. It is possible to overdose on MDMA although it is quite rare to do so. Buy Nintendo XTC Online

The drug could be addictive but in a very mild form.The Nintendo pills are tubular shaped. The Nintendo logo is pressed on one side of the pill, a break line is pressed on the other side. The pills have a bright blue or red color and are slightly smaller sized than most XTC pills.Hard pressed XTC pills containing 200mg of 88% pure MDMA.


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